4 Wheel or 3 Wheel Kick Scooter?

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A new kick scooter represents a fresh and exhilarating mode of transportation. Those looking to add excitement and efficiency to their commute or weekend activities have done just that with the purchase of a kick scooter. Unfortunately, this is more easily said than done, as the market for kick scooters is flooded with different variations of the product. One important distinguishing factor when choosing from the multitude of available kick scooters is the number of wheels upon which the scooter’s “deck” rests.

4 Or 3 Wheels?


The most common design for the modern kick scooter is a 2 wheeled model, relying on one wheel at both the front and back of the deck. From kid’s kick scooters to kick scooters for adults, the 2 wheeled model is the most popular. The appeal of the 2 wheel kick scooter is that having only 2 wheels offers minimal friction between the kick scooter and the surface upon which one is riding, allowing for greater speed. 2 wheel kick scooters also present an aesthetically pleasing, streamlined design. Some of the leading 2 wheeled kick scooter models for kids include the Razor a3, the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter and the Razor Party Pop. In terms of adult kick scooters, the company Xootr makes a variety of popular, luxury models for urban commuters. There are cheaper kick scooters for adults, such as the Razor A5 Lux and the Razor California Longboard. Despite the popularity of the two-wheeled style, there are other designs and models worth taking a look at when looking for the perfect scooter.

3 wheel kick scooters

There are many 3 wheel kick scooter designs, typically adding a wheel to the front end of the scooter, thus increasing the stability of the model. The 3 wheel kick scooter allows the rider to grip the riding surface more effectively, making carving out turns both easier and safer. Most 3 wheel kick scooter models employ a skateboard-esque axle, creating flexibility between the wheels and the scooters deck. With this increased flexibility comes more control over turns and the ability for the rider to steer the scooter with his/her feet. It is also important to note that, for younger riders especially, the third wheel offers added stability, making balancing on the scooter less difficult. The Micro Kickboard is a popular 3 wheel kick scooter scooter for adults, and their children’s kick scooters are excellent for young beginners. The Razor Jr series also offers 3 wheel kick scooters for kids.  But why stop at three wheels? Many kick scooter riders prefer a model with four wheels.

4 wheel kick scooter designs


The fourth wheel brings an added element of stability to the scooter. Models that employ a 4 wheel approach most resemble a skateboard in both design and function. With the added stability of the fourth wheel, carving out turns on your scooter becomes easier than ever before and rough terrain can be covered with minimal discomfort. Fuzion kick scooters offer 4 wheel kick scooters for both adults and children, citing increased turning ability as a reason for buying both. Additionally, the Quadcarver PRO scooter offers a very skateboard-like build – an appeal aesthetic for many.


Ultimately, each consumer has a different set of needs that should be met when choosing the perfect kick scooter. The number of wheels upon which the scooter rests is just one factor to examine. Price, durability, appearance and function should all be taken into account when making a decision to purchase a kick scooter.


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