A Guide to Adult Kick Scooter Spending

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This article addresses the issue of determining what to look for when buying an adult kick scooter at various price ranges. Unlike those intended for young kids, which are essentially exclusively inexpensive, models for adults range from elite, costly designs to fragile and cheap kick scooters. By pointing out several of the kick scooter market’s price points, and the corresponding levels of quality, readers of this guide will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a kick scooter. Whether you

Adult kick scooter spending!

For the purposes of this article, the adult kick scooter market has been broken down into 3 tiers according to price. For each tier, there are important things to look for prior to purchasing an adult kick scooter. Even cheap kick scooters vary greatly when it comes to quality, and an uninformed consumer may end up getting a raw deal.


First tier adult kick scooters

At the highest level of both quality and price are the first tier adult kick scooters. These models, though costly, are supposedly built to last. This highest tier consists of scooters that typically cost $200 or more. When purchasing scooters in this highest price range, it is imperative to get the additional quality that one expects to accompany the extra cost. In order to achieve this additional quality there are a few things to look for in a top tier adult kick scooter. First, the size and quality of the wheels will tell you if the scooter is worth the extra dollars. The best quality scooters have larger (around 180mm) wheels. If you are looking to spend top tier money, avoid scooters with rollerblade-esque wheels, as they offer greater rolling resistance and fail to handle cracked or uneven pavement as well. Instead, look for polyurethane wheels that are reinforced with an aluminium center. In addition to wheels, the deck material and design is important to consider for top tier adult kick scooters. Look for scooters with a solid, one-piece aluminum deck. This will help ensure that your scooter is lightweight and durable. It is also important to make sure that your scooter’s deck is large enough to fit both of your feet and strong enough to hold your weight. Many cheap kick scooters have relatively low weight limits.

Second tier adult kick scooters

The Xootr Mg features 180mm wheels and a 250lb weight limit.

The Xootr Mg ($249) features 180mm wheels and a 250lb weight limit.

The second, and middle, tier of scooters falls into the $100 – $200 range. These mid-level scooters can be tricky, especially if purchasing for an adult. Many of the mid-tier scooters are designed to be used by teenagers and young adults, and so have weight limits of less than 200 pounds. If you are a larger man in the market for an adult kick scooter, for safety reasons it is important to make sure your scooter can support your weight. Along that same line of reasoning, consumers should be sure that the deck size and handlebar height are appropriate for adults. Once the scooter’s size and strength meet your requirements, the next important factor when considering the medium priced adult kick scooters is durability. As the prices for adult kick scooters fall, often so does the quality of the materials used to make them. Look for aluminum or fiberglass decks, as these will ultimately be the lightest and most durable. Finally, with regards to middle tier scooters, beware of models that do not use a hand brake. Many models which employ a fender style break, where you slow down by stepping on the rear wheel, do not stop nearly as sharply as those with a hand brake.

Third tier of adult kick scooters


In the bottom tier of adult kick scooters, where price tags do not exceed $100, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find a quality model designed for full grown adults. Ultimately, the majority of cheap kick scooters are designed for kids and teenagers. Not only do many of these models fail to measure up in terms of quality, they can also be quite dangerous if the rider exceeds the maximum weight limit. For this reason, it is recommended that full grown adults avoid the cheap kick scooters and seek a model more appropriate for their age.

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