Adult Kick Scooter – A Social Analysis

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There is a certain stigma that adult kick scooter have been branded with. I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but these days if you mention that you ride a kick scooter and you’re over the age of 13 you get judged. It may not be an outright gasp followed by finger pointing followed by a “LOSER” chant, but you definitely get a sense that you’ve shared something that shouldn’t have been revealed. Last time I mentioned it to a group of non-scooterists, I got a bunch of awkwardly tense stares. It was like saying “Voledemort” at Hogwarts. People outside of the kick scooter enthusiast population do not seem to understand why anyone would be riding a kick scooter. I believe the response I got was, “Dude how old are you?” It then became clear to me that the judgement stems from the idea that kick scooters are for children. This began to puzzle me.

Are adult kick scooters lame?

As kids we all try different mobile toys. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, and finally kick scooters. You would never bat an eye if you saw a child on any of those contraptions zoom past you. Why is it that the same goes for an adult, but only on a bike, skateboard, and rollerskates? Why is an adult kick scooter still such a “kid’s toy” in the eye of non scooter riders? Here’s why adult kick scooters should be more socially acceptable.

It’s Exercise

Say what you want about my kick scooter you walking McDonalds ads, but at least I’m making an effort burn a few more calories when traveling. I could take a bus, a taxi, a subway or many other modes of transportation. Instead, I’m choosing to exert energy to get where I need to go. I’m not gloating or anything like that, but I shouldn’t be shamed for riding an adult kick scooter when all I’m doing is getting to where I need to be faster while gaining a little exercise. EXCUSE ME for trying to be timely and healthy. Do you know who else was timely and healthy? Paul Revere. If we all took some time and tried to be a little more like Paul Revere the world would be a better place.

Slave to No Controlled Transportation System

adult-kick-scooter-1Oh no my bus is running late. There are no taxis on this road. Help, my train was derailed by bandits. How many of these things have happened to you? One is too many, (and that last one would be shocking) and the problem is that people who rely on these modes of transportation have no control over their travel. Bikes, rollerskates, and skateboards are nice, but storing them is a pain. Kick scooters give the freedom to travel when you want with the capability of folding into a smaller contraption for easy carrying or storage.

Celebrities Do It

hughjpdinkYou may think this is shallow, but then again generally America is shallow. I mean look at those Kardashian monsters. Literally have no talent, got famous from a sex tape, and now are some of the richest and most followed celebrities in the world. If they tell you to use a product, unfortunately a lot of people will do so. Thankfully those lot do not ride kick scooters, but some other cool celebrities do. Hugh Jackman, Peter Dinklage, Uma Thurman, Tom Brady, and Tommy Chong have all been seen riding kick scooters. If Wolverine and Tyrion Lannister approve, you should too.


Not everyone does it, which makes it cool

adult-kick-scooter-3Being apart of something that hasn’t been recognized by the mainstream means you are ahead of the game. Remember when no one thought Parks and Rec was a good show? And then it became everyone’s favorite show? Adult kick scooters are just waiting to be the next big thing that everyone is doing. So instead of hating on them, why not embrace the future?

They’re nostalgic

adult-kick-scooter-4Yes, we all has kick scooters a kids. It doesn’t make them off limits for adults. Lots of kids were fans of Star Wars, and continue to be fans as adults. No one would try to list Star Wars as a kids thing. Lots of kids were fans of comic books, and continue to be fans as adults. Many people would try to put this into a “kids only” category, but let’s be honest. Comic books rule everything right now. From movies to television, comics have taken over our society. You might say, “well these things are timeless”. Kick scooters can be to. And adult kick scooters can make that happen.


I’m not crazy. I know full social acceptance of adult kick scooters will take time. I’m hoping that my points shared can shed some light to all those trapped in a two feet prison. If an adult kick scooter is not something you’re interested in, that’s fine. I’m not telling you how you travel is wrong, just not the best. Seriously though, you don’t need to kick scoot, but don’t pass judgment on those who do. To my adult kick scooter community, keep doing what you’re doing. And remember, don’t flaunt how awesome your kick scooter is. Just ride, and they’ll get it.


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