Best Kick Scooter Brands

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Kick scooters have a ton of different brands. Anywhere from Razor Scooters to Proto Pro Scooters. Razor Scooter is the original scooter brand. They came out in 1999 and people rode them around their neighborhoods until someone realized that the kick scooters could be used to do freestyle tricks too. Razor is found in most department stores now. You can get them at Toys R Us, Walmart or even Target. Razor will normally have the typical scooters called the A1 in all of those stores. If you are looking for a heavier and stronger scooter, Razor makes the Pro series. They have the Ultra Pro which is a relatively good scooter to start off with. Those scooters are around $100.


Madd Gear Pro

Another alternative version of  freestyle kick scooter brands is the Madd Gear Pro. Madd Gear Pros are considered a very good starter kick scooter. They’re made fairly well and will last a beginner quite a long time. The Madd Gear Pros will be found at Walmart or online. You can get them from Sky High Scooters to Inward Scooters.




Fuzion is one of the classic kick scooter brands. Fuzion is considered a pioneer in the kick scooter history. Fuzion does not have that many scooters in retail stores around the United States. They are mostly popular in Europe. Fuzion offers the Z300 which is their most popular freestyle kick scooter.


Proto Pro Scooters

Once a rider grows out of these older kick scooter brands, they can move on to higher quality brands known as “after market” brands. The most recognizable of these is Proto Pro Scooters. They are really keeping kick scootering alive way more than Razor or Madd Gear in my opinion. Proto has invented so many parts for the scooter to help revolutionize the kick scooter industry. Proto offers mostly single kick scooter parts. These parts are a bit more expensive but they will last much longer than a store bought kick scooter part. They are made with a higher quality material.



Another after market kick scooter brand is Tilt Scooters. They are an up and coming scooter brand. Tilt Scooters started off just making pegs for people who wanted to be like BMX riders. They started to make forks and then wheels. The forks are the best after market kick scooter fork their is today. They are very strong. Tilt is working currently on making kick scooter handle bars as well as scooter decks.




The last notable after market kick scooter company is TSI. TSI makes all their products in their Portland, Oregon shop. They mostly make scooter decks. The decks are usually around $200 but they are the best scooter deck their is in my opinion. TSI also makes kick scooter handle bars as well as forks.


There are a bunch of other kick scooter brands, like Xootr, Micro Kickboard, and even Kickped. What is your favorite brand?

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