Best Kick Scooter?

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I see blogs all the time trying to answer the same question. There are a bunch of brands that like to suggest that they have somehow figured out the formula and created the best kick scooter for everyone. The problem is, what’s perfect for some people is not perfect for everyone. Different sizes, different shapes, everyone is different.

What’s the best kick scooter?

Is there a scooter that can really define itself as the best kick scooter? What attributes should be taken into consideration? Who can really judge? What I’m trying to get across is, a person must decide which scooter is best for them. How can one find the best kick scooter for themselves? Here is what they should look out for.


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Kick scooters come in many different sizes. Adult kick scooters are a growing trend, made for an older community who are looking for a new way of transportation. It’s important to find the right size scooter that can adjust to make a comfortable ride.


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What color looks the best? That’s up to the rider. Some scooter brands feature scooters that are completely one color. Others have scooters that only feature color accents with a base color of white, black, or silver. It really depends what kind of statement you are trying to make. If you want to be flashier and stand out, go for a completely colored scooter. If the scooter is just for transportation, try something more subtle.



One of the best things about kick scooters is the fact that they can fold into a smaller configuration. Some scooters can fold better and smaller than others. The ability to ride a kick scooter and then pick it up to carry or easily store is such a huge perk of scooters, so selecting one that folds to your needs is a big part of choosing the best kick scooter.



Kick scooter speed really depends on the rider. Some scooters are made to do tricks while other scooters are made just for transportation. This affects the wheels, making some wheels slicker and lighters, and others heavier and durable. The faster one wants to go depends on where a rider is going.



Will you be taking your kick scooter to the skatepark? Or just using it to get from the train station to work? In this instance the best kick scooter could help you land your next trick or help you get to work on time. Which ever scooter makes you feel comfortable while riding is key.

So how will you find the best kick scooter? Go through this checklist and you’ll discover it. It may not be what your friend thinks, what your co-worker thinks, or what the scooter salesman thinks. That doesn’t matter. It’s what you think. It’s how you feel on a particular scooter. Don’t worry about brands, worry about which kick scooter feels right. The best kick scooter could be the one you least expect.

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