Best sites for Kick Scooter News

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Any extreme action sports person will know where to find the best and latest sports news. For skateboarding, Thrasher and Skateboard Mag are the most reliable for finding anything relating to skateboarding at all.

You may be asking yourself, “Where does a kick scooter rider like me find all the latest news?”.

Well let me tell you where you will find most of the kick scooter news online. There are no magazines that are solely for kick scooter news. So, your only source kick scooters besides us can also be found on the web. Which are the best?


Here is our list for the best kick scooter news sites!

Scooter News – Inside Scooters

The majority of kick scooter community is based online. The first major website to find any type of kick scooter news is Inside Scooters. This is run by Tilt Scooters rider, Jordan Jasa, and Steven T. This website is the scooter equivalent to Thrasher for skateboarding. On Inside Scooters, they have everything from kick scooter video parts as well as interviews by some of the upcoming riders.  A kick scooter rider will also find on this website advertisements for online shops as well as special deals that are found only through the Inside Scooters website. It is updated pretty much every single day because new videos come out all the time. If you want to stay up on the latest and greatest scooter videos and nkick scooter news this is the number one place to find the videos.



Scooter News – Instagram


Another great site to find more freestyle kick scooter news is Instagram. Since Instagram decided to add the video feature onto their app, extreme sports just are not the same. People from all over the world are uploading their tricks to the app which can be seen by people from across the pond and such. Kick scooter riders also have their own pages on Instagram which some have up to 10,000 followers. Imagine uploading a clip to the app and then having it sent to the page which could be seen by potentially 10,000 people. These pages do not accept all of the submissions but some that are noteworthy get on the pages quite easily. It is also readily available in the smart phone world that we live in now.



Scooter News – Scooter Resource


The original website for freestyle kick scooter news is Scooter Resource. Before the kick scooter scene blew up the Scooter Resource forums where were people got into drama, shared videos, and sold parts. It was the perfect website to find anything related to scooters. One of the best features of Scooter Resource was the marketplace as previously mentioned. You could trade parts with people, buy, and sell for very reasonable prices. The forums even had a thread going about whether a person was truthful or not in their dealings. The website had a crash a couple years ago and all of the threads were lost. The forums now are beginning to rise back up. The website now is very similar to Inside Scooters as it now has a front page that acts as a newspaper for freestyle kick scooters. The writers of Scooter Resource are also on kick scooter pro teams so they know what they are talking about.



These websites are the main sources to find anything kick scooter related.They help promote our favorite mode of transportation and give fans a chance to meet other like-minded individuals. It’s important to have sites dedicated to kick scooter news. Xootr, Razor, and other brands have blogs, but mostly about their own views. Since this is a fansite, we love any other website that provide great kick scooter news across all brands.

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