A Comprehensive Guide for Kick Scooter Wheels

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You’re at the skate park doing your best tricks and all of a sudden your kick scooter feels really bumpy. Chances are you did something to your wheel to make it do this. Whether you dehubbed it, which means the urethane of the wheel came off the core, or you got a flat spot in it, your kick scooter wheels are in trouble. Here is a quick simple guide to getting some freestyle kick scooter wheels that are suitable for you.



Kick Scooter Wheel Size


There are so many kick scooter wheels in the market that it seems over whelming, but once you know what you want to get out of a wheel it makes it easier. First is the wheel size. There are 100 mm, 110 mm, and more recently 120 mm. The industry standard when it comes to wheel size will be the 110 mm as it will give you more life out of the wheel.

xootr-wheels-1Hard Urethane or Soft Urethane

Once you decided which wheel size is right for you, it’s time to decide whether you want a hard urethane or soft urethane. The harder urethane will last longer and is generally a more durable type of wheel. These kick scooter wheels will also be a bit faster than the softer urethane. The downside to these wheels are the impact on landing on a trick is hard on your hands sometimes. The softer urethane wheels will be more absorbent with impacts. These will sometimes break easier as they are not as durable. The wheels will give you more grip compared to a harder urethane. A wheel with a 85A urethane will be the softest urethane while the 88A urethane will be the hardest wheels.


Generally if you primarily ride skate parks and not that much street, it is suggested to go with the softer urethane in order to grip the ramps more. The street rider will typically go for the harder urethane for the speed and durability.

Kick Scooter Brand

Now it is time to decide what brand to get. Every company now a days seems to make wheels. The argument will never be answered over which wheels are best but it is generally agreed that Proto Scooters’ wheels are the best. They were one of the first to make after market wheels and they are still making them. Proto makes only 2 types of wheels which are the Gripper and the Slider. The Gripper is the softer urethane and the Slider is the harder urethane. Almost every scooter rider rides these wheels at one time or another.



Another company similar to Proto is River Wheels. They are made by the same manufacturer but a different formula. These have the Glide and the Rapids which are both a soft and hard urethane. The next prominent wheel company would be Eagle Sport Wheels. They have a number of different wheels that are fairly cheap for kick scooter wheels. They won’t last that long nearly as long as the Proto wheels but they are much more of a bargain.



Freestyle kick scooter wheels have made such an improvement in the last couple years to fit the need for the more serious kick scooter riders. Experiment with different kick scooter wheels to see which ones fit you the best as a rider.

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