Helmets: To wear, or not to wear

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When you start out riding bikes as a child, your parent (a good parent) makes you wear a helmet to protect your disproportionately large head from the dangers of the ground. As we grow, our parents continually remind us to always wear a helmet no matter what we are riding on. Kick scooters are no different. Busting your head open after trying to land a sick kick scooter trick can happen just as often as bike injuries.

So what’s the problem with helmets?

Wearing a helmet while riding anything other than a motorcycle makes you look like a weenie. There I said it. Wearing a helmet outside of sporting competitions is the equivalent of wearing overalls. Sure they have a use, but you look so uncool. I mean not even Saved by the Bell’s Zach Morris can make overalls look cool. And that hair under a helmet? No thank you.


Riding a kick scooter and wearing a scooter helmet is especially controversial. I believe they are necessary, but never very flattering. So what do you do? Are helmets worth it? Here are some things to consider:

Helmets keep you alive

scooter-accidentLike it or not, helmets have the opportunity to protect your precious melon. Whether you’re trying to do a trick or just trying to ride down a dirt road, you have the potential of wiping out and gaining a dent in your skull. They may not look great, but they protect something that is precious. Your friends might find that debatable, but to you it’s precious. So if you would like to ensure your ride doesn’t end in a concussion, wear the helmet.

Helmet hair


Helmet hair is like hat hair but angry. It looks like you just ran a marathon and your hair could bite someone. Very unattractive.




It’s the law




Every state has some sort of bike helmet law, mostly an age restriction. Sure you could try and be a thug and not wear a helmet while underage and dance with the devil, but it could end up badly. A 12 year old with a rap sheet is never a good look.





There is an uncool stigma of kick scooter riders who wear  helmets. This stems back to people thinking kick scootering is a toddler game. Whenever you see an adult wearing a helmet on a kick scooter, you always look twice. Not something you see often. It’s even worse when they try and make cool or retro scooter helmets…it just gets weird.

The Verdict:

There are many points to take into consideration when pondering the usefulness of a helmet. So take your time and really think. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


I shouldn’t have to go beyond the first point. Look, kick scooter helmets will never be a prized commodity, but they do way more good than bad. Sure adults have a better reason “not” to wear a helmet, but helmets are only there to help. We could “not” lock our doors, or we could “not” bring a spare tire. Will we definitely regret it? No. Will we definitely regret it if something bad happens? Yes. The only thing you can count on is that life is something you can’t count on. Things happen and it’s better to be prepared. Helmets aren’t cool, but neither is an injury that could have been prevented. Bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, scooter helmets, it doesn’t matter. Wear a helmet, and just start bringing a hair brush wherever you ride.


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