How To Build A Kick Scooter Ramp

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Ramps are an essential part of growing up as a scooter rider. I find it easy to learn tricks with more air underneath you than just on the flat ground. Scooter ramps or “Kickers” as most skatepark people will call them, are fun to ride when just starting out. Buying a ramp can be expensive, so the only alternative would be to build a scooter ramp. So some of you may ask yourselves: “How do I build a ramp at my home so I can learn in the comfort of my front yard?” Well here we go…



First get permission to build the scooter ramp from whomever’s yard you are storing the ramp at. Next, establish the size and structure. If you want extra air to do the sick tricks then you will need a curve. I don’t like the launch ramps so I will be explaining the basic “bank” ramp. Once the size has been established, it’s necessary to go to the local lumberyard or Home Depot. Once there, get two pieces of plywood. Get the weather plywood if you are going to be storing the scooter ramp outside of your house.


lg_b22913_masonite-hardboardGet one piece of Masonite which will be the actual surface you are riding on.┬áNext, acquire 5 or 6 2×4’s weathered as well. Get some outdoor screws to avoid rusting. You will also need some tools to help get the job done, so put on your hardhat and grab your toolbox. You will need a tape measure, drill, and a circular saw.Make sure you are confident with all the power tools you are using. You do not need to lose a finger over this. Get a parent or someone who is confident with their skills as a carpenter.

Once all that is gather it is time to start the actual building process.


This scooter ramp I will be building will be a 2 foot high ramp. You can adjust this if you want. Start by cutting a 2×4 in half. This will be the edge supports on the very end of the ramp. Place them the width of the plywood. Next cut more 2x4s. Cut them in a size that is smaller than the 2 foot high ones you have already cut. Keep on doing this until you hit the ground. These will be the supports on which the plywood and Masonite will be set on. Next you want to cut the plywood to the length that you have the structure set to. Screw the screws you bought with a Power Drill. Place a screw on the plywood where the 2x4s sit under it. Now flip the whole structure over so the plywood is now on the ground. Next measure the distance between the sides of the 2x4s. Cut more 2x4s to fit in between these so when you are riding over your scooter ramp. It won’t bend but will be quite sturdy. Screw the screws into the sides of the previous 2x4s that supports the plywood.

Now the final part is to put the Masonite on top of the plywood. You will have to cut the Masonite to fit over the plywood exactly. Masonite is used at almost all wooden skateparks. It’s a very strong and smooth surface so you will have no problem getting the most use out of it on your scooter ramp. Once everything is together the next step is the most important, ride it. Scooter ramps are an important part of growing up as a scooter rider. I learned a majority of my tricks at home on my scooter ramp, and hopefully so can you.

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