How to get Kick Scooter Sponsors

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Every extreme sports athlete dreams of being put on a team one day. Athletes from all over sports dream of going pro, but what does going pro on a kick scooter look like?

Earning kick scooter sponsors is no easy feat.

Let’s go over the realistic goals of becoming a sponsored kick scooter rider.


Try to find someway to represent yourself through your riding

Most little kids will try to become sponsored as soon as they learn a tailwhip. They want to be noticed but they usually have nothing special about them. Most sponsors will look for riders who can represent their brand correctly. For example, Tilt Scooters is generally seen as a street styled team and most of their videos are centered around riding in the streets. They will not sponsor a primarily park styled rider. The exact opposite could be seen for Madd Gear Pro Scooters. The riders for Madd Gear are seen as the best park riders in the world.

Work your way up just like a job

The next idea is the idea of working your way up the ranks so to speak. The first time trying for a kick scooter sponsor, avoid joining a pro-team. Kick scooter sponsorship’s are very similar to a job. If you do get sponsored, you will most likely be on the AM team for awhile, depending on if your like the sponsor. You will possibly get bumped up just like a sales associate would get bumped up to a manager position eventually.

make-a-movieMake a Video

So how does one “apply” to get sponsored. This is the hardest part of the whole process, and it should be. Kick scooter sponsors are once again only looking for people to represent the brand in the right way. The most common way of getting sponsored is to make a video of yourself. The video should be your best work to date and also be well edited. The video production itself is a huge part of the way you come off as a rider.  The tricks in the video should be clean. Remember to not constantly bother the company you are trying to get on, and write the sponsor’s name correctly.

Eneter a kick scooter contest

kick-scooter-contestThe second most common way of getting noticed by a kick scooter sponsor is to ride in contests. Contests are usually hosted by companies who are looking for new riders. Contests show what a rider can do under pressure and  how consistent they are. Do not be intimidated that companies are there to look for riders. Contests are the most hands on approach to being sponsored.

The last thing a rider can do is try to get on a local shop’s team. These spots on a shop’s team are usually nothing special but can help out in the long run. The shop will give you discounts on parts and that’s about it. The overall idea being riding a kick scooter is to not get kick scooter sponsors but to have fun. If you don’t get sponsored do not quit. Kick scooter sponsorships are just a more serious side of riding kick scooters.


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