Kick Scooter Contests

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Freestyle kick scootering has its fun side and also its more serious side. The more serious side of the sport is the contest side. This is the side that makes it more a sport in people’s eyes.

Kick scooter contests happen every year and some are extremely competitive.


First & Second Wave of Kick Scooter Contest

The contests usually have three waves throughout the competition. The beginner contest is always the first one of the day. These are usually the younger kids who are 12 and under.  The beginner riders are usually battling it out for some free kick scooter parts. The next wave in most freestyle kick scooter contests in the AM or amateur category. These are riders who are very good for their age and are not yet sponsored. The competition is usually a lot tougher than the beginner wave here as the riders are way more competitive. The prizes of this wave usually include free parts or sometimes even a cash prize.

Pro Wave of Kick Scooter Contest

The wave that most people are excited to see or even compete in is the Pro division. These riders are the best of the best. They land all of their tricks consistently. The tricks they are trying are way more complex and harder than the other two divisions which is why it is considered the pro division. The riders are almost always competing for a cash prize as they already get parts from their sponsors.


International Scooter Association

ISA-Logo-400-375x153Most competitions are run through an organization called International Scooter Association or the ISA. Most the the winners of a ISA competition will go on to other ISA competitions to see if they are good enough to make it to the World Championship. The World Championship is the most anticipated kick scooter competition for the Pro riders. The riders are the best in the World and often battle it out for first place which has a huge cash prize. The competition is moved from skate park to skate park across the globe to offer a variety of different courses for the riders to ride. Most kick scooter competitions take place in a skate park.

Taking it to the streets

Starting 3 years ago some competitions are now held in the streets. The first street jam contest was held in Chicago and was hosted by Tilt Pro Scooters. The contests are becoming more and more popular as Tilt held another Chicago street jam this year with 10,000 freestyle kick scooter riders showing up. More and more cities are having street jam styled contests. The kick scooter contests are now even beginning to make there way to the other side of the pond. This year London and Paris held a street jam that produced some insane tricks.


It is always exciting to see what skate parks or what cities will hold a kick scooter contest. Xootr, Kickped, Micro Kickboard and other brands should start holding contest. The more there are, the more legitimate the sport becomes. If you want to make a name of yourself as a rider it is a good idea to start doing some contests.

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