Kick Scooter Decks!

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Kick scooters are evolving at a rapid rate. The kick scooter industry has gone from just a few recognizable companies to so many that I don’t even know them all. Every part of scooter is changing, including the decks. For this post, we are going to look at kick scooter decks of cheaper brands, not like Xootr or Micro Board.

Which cheaper kick scooter deck is best?

Let’s start off with the most recognizable companies:

The Razor

Razor’s best kick scooter deck on the market is the Pro kick scooter deck. They are made out of aircraft grade aluminum which is very strong for how cheap it is. The Pro kick scooter deck measures 20 inches long and 4.25 inches wide. This is a pretty standard sized deck.


District V2i

Next up is the District V2i series. This kick scooter deck is very popular because of how cheap it is. It will run you around $100 and it will last very long. They are strong and durable. It is made out of 6061 aluminum and is an integrated scooter deck. It is 21 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. This is a step up from the Razor Pro kick scooter deck and is about the same price.


Ethic Lindworm Pro kick scooter deck

Next is the Ethic Lindworm Pro kick scooter deck. Ethic is a fairly new company but that doesn’t mean their product is any worse than Razor’s. The Lindworm deck is a little more expensive than the District or Razor kick scooter deck. It will run you about $185 and will last a fairly long time. It is made out of 6082 aluminum which is a little more durable than the 6061. This deck is geared for more advanced riders as it is very good at grinding. The deck length is 20.5 inches and 4.5 inches wide. This is a really light feeling deck as well. It is approximately 3.10 pounds. The only issue with this deck is the scooter brake. It is very flimsy and will most likely break. It is also an integrated deck. Almost every single kick scooter deck is integrated which mean there is no need for headset cups to be put in the scooter deck. Only put the headset bearings right in the cup and go ride your kick scooter.


TSI decks

The best scooter deck in my opinion is the TSI decks. They are pretty much the same throughout their products. They have the Sledge, Sled, and Hammerhead. They all come in different lengths, widths, and weights. The most popular out of these is the sledge. The TSI kick scooter decks are all hand made in Portland, Oregon so they will run you a little bit more money than the Ethic Lindworm. They range from $200 to about $280. They will last longer than any other factory made deck.



With the kick scooter industry rapidly evolving, more kick scooter decks will be coming out so if you have the opportunity to try some out at a local skate park do it. See which one fits your feet, because that can make all the difference in your ride. What is your favorite kick scoot deck?

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