Kick Scooter Stores

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Kick scooters. though made of metal, are not indestructible. You may begin to wonder where to buy a replacement kick scooter. Walmart or Target do not have individual kick scooter parts for sale but rather complete kick scooters that are good for beginners.  I get questions all the time from parents just asking where to buy kick scooter parts for their children. I have always told them that most of the freestyle kick scooter part industry is online.

There are very few kick scooter stores in the United States that have an actual storefront.

Most of them are out west in California, considering the state has the most prominent scooter scene in the US.


Vault Pro Scooters

The most recognizable kick scooter store is the Vault Pro Scooters. They are both a store and an online dealer. The Vault Pro Scooters offers just about every part manufactured by the freestyle kick scooter community. They also have a nice feature on their website which is the online chat. The chat is usually operated during most business hours. The employees at the Vault Pro Scooters are all kick scooter riders so they know what they are talking about. They also have a phone number that you can call and ask about anything as well.


Freestyle Depot

Another one of the most popular websites is the Freestyle Depot. It is a company run out of Vista, California. They recently closed their storefront and have returned to strictly online. The Freestyle Depot has a wide variety of parts and brands that are very recognizable. Their prices are also very competitive compared to other kick scooter dealerships. Freestyle Depot also has a good staff on their hands, most of which are riders on the Proto Scooters team as well as the Freestyle Depot team. The Freestyle Depot has discounts which is sweet. You can get up to 10% off your entire order if you use a discount code. Every team rider on the Freestyle Depot has a discount code which gives them some of the revenue that the store gets. Some other online retailers do this as well including the Vault Pro Scooters and Sky High Scooters.

Inward Scooters Logo

Inward Scooters

One of the bigger online freestyle kick scooter retailers is Inward Scooters. They have been around since the uprising of freestyle scooters took off. They offer the widest selection of freestyle scooter parts. They carry parts made from all around the world as well as in the United States. Inward Scooters started off in a garage and is now one of the biggest retailers in freestyle kick scootering. The main thing I like about Inward Scooters is their shipping rate. They guarantee a quick 2-3 business day arrival of your order from the day you ordered it. I have never had an issue with them and I still order from them as often as I can. Inward Pro Scooters also offers a discount of 15% courtesy of Inside Scooters. Unfortunately most kick scooter retailers are online so there is going to be a wait for the arrival of your parts.

What I think?

I would love to see more shops getting a store front across the nation to help make the freestyle scooter industry mainstream. Most companies who sell their own kick scooters also sell kick scooter parts, so they are essentially online kick scooter stores. Xootr, Razor, Kickped, and more do this, but it would be great for kick scooter stores to open across the country.

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