Kick Scooter Tricks and Tips for Riding

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Kick scooter riders have the ability to express themselves throughout their riding. A kick scooter rider can ride technical on rails and grind boxes and try to do a bunch of different tricks in combos. Different tricks require different levels of practice. They say practice makes perfect, and unfortunately when practicing these tricks you are likely to fall. But if you’re serious about becoming a great kick scooter rider, you’ll get back up and try again. Remember, some kick scooter brands can be used for tricks like Razor, and others like Xootr and Kickped are more for durability and commuting. Trying to do tricks with a scooter not suited for tricks will end badly.

With that said, here are some kick scooter tricks and tips for riding.



  • Some kick scooter tricks and tips for riding technically is to keep it simple enough that the over combination is enjoyable to watch.
  • Another tip for riding in the technical sense is to not see how many grinds you can do on either the box or rail. Do you do a feeble-to-smith to feeble-to-smith with barspins and tailwhips in between them? Quite frankly it doesn’t look good to watch but it is impressive.
  • Another tip for riding boxes or rails in general is to have speed when doing the trick. You don’t want to go so slow that it looks like you aren’t grinding but instead just stalling on the obstacle.
  • A tip for kick scooter riders on any type of grinding trick is to not drag your heels on the box or rail to slow you down. You can usually tell when you do this because there will be a loud squeak sound coming from your shoes.
  • Another way a kick scooter rider can express themselves through their riding is the vert kick scooter rider. These are the people who like to get air underneath them and feel the adrenaline rush that comes with the jump. A vert rider usually will ride a quarter pipe or pyramid with ease and do massive trick combos over the obstacles.
  • A tip for riding vert ramps are to feel confident with the little quarters before you hit the big X-Games sized half pipes. Every skate park has a different variety of quarter pipes and mini ramps. Do not move straight to the biggest one in the skate park, but instead gradually make your way up to the biggest sized ramp.
  • Another kick scooter trick and tip is to keep it simple. A kick scooter rider who is riding vert ramps will often try to do ridiculous combos that would be done no where else in the skate park. Do not try to do a backflip bri flip.
  • Another style of riding is the street style riding. Street riding is when a kick scooter rider will do normal skate park tricks whether technical or vert styled tricks in the streets of your city.
  • A tip for riding street is to keep your whits about you. What you are doing is most likely not approved by the local parks department so you are technically trespassing onto people’s land.
  • Another tip for riding street is to make sure you watch out for pedestrians and cars.


Whether you are riding technically in the parks or in the streets make sure you are having fun while riding your trick scooter. If you follow these tips you will have a guaranteed good time.

Do you have any kick scooter tricks or tips? Let us know!

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