Kick Scooter Tune Up For Spring

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Springtime is officially upon us on the east coast! There is no more gross black covered snowed on the grounds and parking lots. More importantly, the skate parks are all cleared up now for the rest of the year! Your scooter may have been just lying around waiting patiently for it to be picked up and ridden. It may not be up to the standards you want it to be to ride and have fun at the skate park. Sometimes, you need a kick scooter tune up.

Tuning up for spring

One of the things I frequently change on my scooter is the grips. I wear through them so easily due to gripping them way too tight. I like the classic Odi Longnecks but there are so many other opinions. It’s really a preference.


The other thing I change about once every 3 months during a kick scooter tune up is the grip tape. I have been using ladder grip tape for 5 years. It’s cheap and easily available at any local hardware store. Another scooter tune up is the headset. It is very important to have a nice spinning headset. The more expensive a headset is the better bearings are. In order to get your headset up to a standard that is acceptable, it is recommended you use White-Lithium Grease. It makes the kick scooter bearings spin a lot more. Your tail whips will be going so much faster and smoother. It’s also important to have the headset nice and tight against the deck. This is done with a clamp system of sorts. There is a standard clamp, SCS and HIC. The most used right now is the SCS. It is necessary to get the bolt inside the SCS tight enough to keep the headset from wobbling but still moving freely.


Next on my list for a kick scooter tune up is the fork. The fork is connected to the clamp system by either the headset bolt or a nut that is threaded onto the fork. This is not something that you can tune up. You should check your fork for bending on the legs or on the actual rod that is attached to the legs. In the legs of the fork and the back of the deck are the wheels. You should often check the wheel for chunking on the urethane or the urethane coming off of the hub in the middle. Inside of the hub has wheel bearings. These are important to keep lubricated. This is a very similar process to the headset. White-Lithium grease. If you want to do it absolutely correctly you can buy Bones Red Bearings Grease. This is a bit expensive. I have never used it but I have heard it does make your bearings last much longer.


The last thing to check on your kick scooter tune up is the deck. This is the most essential thing to check for in the scooter tune up. You can not physically do anything to tune it up just like the fork. You should check for cracks on the head tube and drop outs. I have broken many decks and have seen many break. They are not cheap so it is better to catch it early than wait. You can very easily hurt yourself if you do something risky and your deck breaks. I have done this and hurt myself very badly. You should check all of these items every week. Scooter parts are not indestructible so don’t be surprised when something breaks. Make sure you check for a kick scooter tune up every couple of months!

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