Kick Scooter Video Edits

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Kick scootering will always be fun no matter where you are. You can ride in a skate park or in the streets of wherever you choose to ride at. Like skateboarding or any other action sport, it is fun to make videos of yourself doing tricks over obstacles. Make sure, whether you’re using a Micro Kickboard, Kickped, or Xootr your scooter video features a clean looking scooter.

Here is a little helpful guide book to help you start to film your first kick scooter video.


The first thing to make a good scooter video is obviously getting a good camera.

hand-camera-scooterDo not use your phone for serious footage. Uploading phone clips to Instagram is very popular and is becoming kind of a standard in the freestyle kick scootering world. A decent handycam will be around 200 dollars these cameras are High Definition but are not like movie quality cameras. The handycam cameras will be found at a Best Buy or HH Gregg. In addition to the camera itself, a fisheye lens is necessary to film up close and personal when doing your kick scooter tricks. These can run as little as 50 dollars to 750 dollars. The cheaper fisheye lenses will be lower quality glass and not as much distortion in them. The higher quality ones will never scratch unless dropped and have a nice, sharp look to them.

The next step in making a nice freestyle kick scooter video is the actual filming of the video.

A good scooter video will be filmed with little to no shake in it. Also the videographer should be riding beside the kick scooter rider and not behind as it is hard to see the rider do most of his or her tricks.

The next important step in the kick scooter video guide is the music that backs the kick scooter riding.

music-kick-scooterIt may not seem that important but it really is. A song can fit the mood of the riding or completely crush it. The song should reflect what the rider’s style is. If the kick scooter rider is going for a fast vibe they should use punk or some type of electronic music. Use a song that is long enough for the amount of footage you have racked up. Do not use a song like Stairway to Heaven that is 7 minutes of pure rock for a video that has 2 minutes of kick scooter riding to it.

Next is the editing of the video.

The editing can be at its most basic by just cutting clips to the tricks and that’s it. The editing can also be complex with layers of old movie clips or animations to make the video a little cooler. The most important thing for a kick scooter video is obviously the tricks done in the video. The tricks should be generally clean and not look sloppy. The tricks should also be unique to make you stand out from the rest of the kick scooter world. The video should also look like your having fun in it. It is not fun to watch.

All in all, kick scooter videos are very important to the freestyle kick scooter world. Just go on Youtube and search Matt McKeen and you will be amazed at what that guy does.


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