Kick Scooter vs Skateboard

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There has been a heated argument in recent years regarding kick scooters and skateboards. They’re both used as everyday transportation, or as extreme trick devices. If we put them in a ring like a wrestling match, which one will come out as the winner? It all depends on what you like more. Here is a breakdown of our views on kick scooter vs skateboard.

Kick scooter vs skateboard


To begin our kick scooter vs skateboard debate, let’s take a look at skateboards.

Skateboards have been around since the 1950’s. These primitive skateboards were made up of a piece of wood with two trucks screwed into the board and then two wheels attached to each truck. It was originally called Concrete Surfing as the act of surfing was the inspiration for the first skateboard. They were used to get to work, and if you were talented enough, maybe do some coasting hand stands to impress the ladies. Now skateboards are usually found in skate parks or in the streets performing tricks and jumping off skateboard ramps and skateboard rails. Skateboarding is found in every corner of the world and continues to evolve much like kick scooters. Skateboards are relatively cheap to get, and depending on how hard you ride, will last you a decent amount of time. A beginner’s complete stock board at Zumiez is around $100. This is a major draw for people who are relatively cheap.

awrc skateboard-vs-scooter

Now let’s compare the skateboards to the modern day kick scooter.

A scooter is found in almost every home that contains children. Razor Scooters are the most recognizable brand. They are credited with starting the kick scooter culture. They revolutionized what people thought of kick scooters. In the course of 15 years scooters have virtually changed their identity. Kick scooters are found in every skate park that allows them now and are built for all ages. Skateboards have a larger base compared to most kick scooters. The only kick scooter that stands out in this issue of skateboard vs kick scooter would be Xootr, which are made for adults and also have large bases. Adult kick scooters in particular have seen a huge surge in popularity within the last 5 years. If you are serious about becoming a freestyle kick scooter rider it can become extremely expensive. A good scooter can run you upwards of $300. However, kick scooters are slowly taking over skate parks, much to the dismay of skateboarders.

razor-pink xootr-vs-skateboard

So which is better in our virtual ring, a skateboard or a scooter? It is going to be determined not by the devices themselves but the riders who choose to ride them. Many people will change from kick scooters to skateboards and vice versa. Just do whatever makes you happy. Who decides the results of kick scooter vs skateboard? You do.

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