Kick Scooter Guide on how to street ride

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There comes a time in every freestyle kick scooter riders life that they feel the need to get away from the skate parks and go out to the streets. Street riding can be some of the most fun while riding a kick scooter. It gives you this feeling of being defiant, and also notice the world in an entirely different way. A kick scooter rider will start to see a lots of potential in different skating spots pretty much every where they go. There is always something to ride that you wouldn’t think to ride on.

Here is a quick, simple guide to the street ride style of kick scooter riding.


The first thing you need to learn when you street ride on a kick scooter is that you’re obviously not supposed to be doing it. You are most likely trespassing, but you kind of have to do it now-a-days. For instance, a skateboarding video will always have street riding in it. If you are filming a video it is crucial to have a street clip or two.

When riding at the spot of your choice, you will always risk getting kicked out or having the cops called on you.

In order to avoid the cops being called on you it is important to be respectful and courteous to whomever is telling you not to ride there. If you are yelling at the security guard or person who is telling to leave, you’re likely to get the cops called on you. This is part of the experience of street riding for kick scooters. It is a completely different on a skateboard as they have a much bigger reputation for being reckless and disrespectful to people. Kick scooters are a fairly new sport so some people just do not know how to deal with you.


The next step to street ride on a kick scooter is to make sure you feel safe at the spot where you’re riding. You do not want to be riding in a neighborhood that makes you feel comfortable. The next thing to keep in the back of your head when you street ride is the proper equipment.

When you street ride it is not nearly as nice as a skate park that was built with thousands of dollars.

You got to sometimes make the spot a little better by bringing with you wax. Wax is important to ledges and rails. You will be wishing you brought wax with you every time you street ride. The next thing to bring is a backpack. In the backpack you should bring the wax, tools, and some backup parts. If you break something out in the streets it’s a lot more of a hassle than if you were riding in a skate park.street-ride-3

These are the crucial things to keep in the back of you head when you feel it is time to move onto the streets. Street riding is a lot of fun but you have to be careful when you step out into that concrete jungle. Remember to use a kick scooter you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s with a Razor, Kickped, or Xootr, street ride responsibly. Be smart and be safe.

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