Kick Scooters in the X-Games

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The X-Games are essentially the Olympics of extreme sports. They are held every summer usually in Los Angeles, California. There are also the Winter X-Games which are held in Aspen, Colorado. Currently, there is skateboarding, BMX, dirt bikes, and snowboarding in the X-Games. Skateboarding is the main event and draws the biggest names from vert and street riders. Competing in the X-Games could be very financially rewarding. Scootering has vert and street riding styles as well. So why aren’t kick scooters like Xootr, Razor, or KickPed in the X-Games? Let’s look at the pros and cons of the possibility of:

Kick scooters in the X-Games



Kick Scooters are not a mainstream sport.

Many people think of kick scooters as just a children’s toy. Other people see the potential in kick scooters and their potential in the X-Games. Kick Scootering offers a bunch of different riding types. Kick scooter riders can be technical with their tricks, or they try more vert stuff or the more extreme street riding. Kick scooters could potentially use the same courses already set up for the skateboarding in the X-Games.




Another positive effect that might come out of kick scooters having a contest held at the X-Games would be the shear amount of popularity for kick scooters. If little kids saw professionals doing crazy, insane stunts on the vert ramps or the street course, they would be inspired to go out in their driveways or skate parks and do try the same stuff. It would be more appealing to other groups of people too. Maybe some stubborn people would see the kick scooters tricks and decide to try a kick scooter instead of riding a skate board or a BMX bike.


Now let’s look at the negative aspects of the possibility of kick scooters being the X-Games. Along side of the potential sudden and rapid growth of  kick scootering would be the amount of little kids in skate parks. Little kids in skate parks are usually a bad idea. I’ve unfortunately seen many children get hurt at the skate park. Little kids tend to get in the way of and then sometimes accidentally get hit.



Another downside to the idea of kick scooters in the X-Games are the contests themselves. Serious kick scooter riders would become more focused on the idea of getting into the X-Games and winning tons of money. Kick scootering would be taken too seriously. I would hate to see people riding kick scooters for money instead of for fun. Kick scooters are suppose to be fun for all ages.

All in all, the possibility of kick scooters in the X-Games doesn’t seem likely as of now. Will it happen one day? Only the future will tell. Either way, I’d like to see kick scooters become more of a mainstream ride. What do you guys think?


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