The Definitive Micro Kickboard Micro Kick Scooter Review

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Another day, another kick scooter. This time I’m taking a look at the Micro kick scooter from the Micro Kickboard brand. You may recognize this brand from magazines, as this kick scooter seems to be a go-to for celebrities. As everyone knows, if celebrities are doing it, we all should be doing it. Will this scooter be my new mode of transportation? Or will it be a waste of metal and two wheels? Here is my Micro kick scooter review.

General Overview

Micro Kickboard is the official US distributor for Swiss company Micro-Mobility, started in 1999. In 2007, with the help of Micro HQ in Switzerland and Micro UK, Micro Kickboard was created to distribute their products in in the US. The first versions were made for children only, but soon adult versions were made as demand rose. They have become very popular in the US, especially among celebrities. The scooter is very sleek, looking like some actual time and energy went into it’s appearance and manufacturing.

The Look

DSCF3459 DSCF3461

As I’ve said, the scooter looks nice and well made. The Micro Kickboard design has an almost futuristic look, which I think is very cool. The Micro kick scooter is all white with black finishings and a hint of blue markings on the logo and handle bars. It actually looks like a kick scooter built for an adult.

The Wheels

DSCF3462 DSCF3463

The Micro kick scooter has polyurethane wheels much like the Razor A5 Lux Scooter. They give a smooth ride, but I have to admit they go very fast, something I wasn’t ready for. The back wheel has a break you can step on, but I felt like I was going to crash a couple of times. The wheels of the Micro kick scooter are slippery, but give a fluid ride.

The Handlebars

DSCF3464 DSCF3465

The handle bars are made of foam material and capped off at the ends by rubber edges. The handle bar was easy to raise and lower with a simple metal latch, and it felt sturdy when raised to it’s highest level. The Micro kick scooter was not made to do tricks, so the handle bars cannot twist fully around. But hopefully as and adult, you won’t be needing to do backflips on your way to work.

The Deck


Micro kickboard brand scooters have a sturdy deck, albeit small. Bigger than the Razor, but the Micro adult kick scooter deck is smaller than a Xootr. I can still only fit one foot on it, and about 1/3 of my other foot. It feels uncomfortable to use two feet. The grip on the deck is solid, and kept my foot in place. It also felt like it could hold me without breaking down, which I appreciate.


DSCF3476 DSCF3478

Once I researched how to fold the scooter, it was a breeze. It’s not immediately obvious (I hope), but I figured it out. Since the Micro kick scooter’s handle bars can be lowered and then folded down onto the back wheel, the scooter is great for portability. It’s light and can be easily stored. When you ride, it looks like and adult kick scooter, but it folds small enough to look like a kids scooter. Which is awesome.

Fit and Finish

DSCF3466 DSCF3470 DSCF3436 DSCF3472

Again, the Micro kick scooter looks clean and finely finished. You can always tell when a company takes pride in its work, and the Micro Kickboard brand does. There are a few ugly stickers on the stand and near the deck. The grip on the deck is a tad off centered. The wheels are the only parts that look cheap. However, I definitely would not be embarrassed riding this down the street.

The Ride

DSCF3479 DSCF3480

Very smooth ride. The Micro Kick scooter’s slick wheels allow a easy going ride even in a parking lot with gravel. Some sharp turns and inclines made the scooter slippery, and I lost control forcing me to jump off the scooter to regain it. They go very fast, sometimes too fast.

Value and Conclusion

Adult Micro kick scooters start at $199.00, and I can see why. Besides the generic wheels, the scooters look and feel very well made. They’re not made in America, but I’d have to admit that Sweden knows how to make a kick scooter.

All in all I would say that the Micro kick scooter is a great scooter. It mostly took what I liked least about the Razor and optimized it. It feels like a real adult kick scooter, one that won’t break easily and meant for real transportation. Besides the moments of lost control, the scooter handles very well. Just be cautious when going down a hill or participating in one of those illegal underground kick scooter races.

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