Push Scooters Make Great Gifts!

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It’s that time of year when the weather gets cold and hipsters’ ugly Christmas sweaters go from being ironic to fashionable. It’s a wonderful season when gifts are on everyone’s minds, and this year one of the best things you could buy for a loved one is a brand new push scooter.

Push scooters are becoming more popular every year and with that comes new and innovative designs for riders to try.

Since it is the holiday season, let’s focus on push scooters that would make your fellow scooter enthusiast giddy. I know what you’re thinking, kick scooters are for kids. That is such a 90’s mindset. Adult push scooters are the future, and any cool grown-up looking for a way to commute around the city should pay attention to the following rides.

Smart Ped Scooters

push-scooters-kickscooter-orgSome push scooters look a little cheap. Smart Ped Scooters take care of that with it’s sleek design. What’s really cool about this scooter is that you can ride it by pushing yourself forward, or use the motor located in the real wheel. That’s right. This push scooter doubles as an electric scooter. Sometimes the extra effort can get tiring.

SRV.h Push Scooter

push-scooters-kickscooter-org-2As an adult, finding the time to juggle multiple things at once become second nature. Having tools to make this easier is always helpful. The SRV.h Push Scooter lets you do errands in an efficient and “greener” manner. This scooter has a light, and iPhone holder, and is able to fold the deck into a cart to carry your belongings. So take this push scooter out to go shopping and then convert into an actual shopping bag. Everyone could get us out of this!

OLAF Scooter

push-scooters-kickscooter-org-3Traveling can be a hassle. Large carry-on bags make any trip a stressful and uncomfortable. The OLAF scooter (Business or Urban) gives you the space you need and ride you’ll love. Whether a professional or relaxed trip, this push scooter for a adults helps make your commute a easy as possible. Perfect for the traveler who has way too much stuff to carry.

Flip Scooter

push-scooters-kickscooter-org-4For those of us adults still looking to do some tricks and impress that girl who never noticed you, the Flip Scooter is for you. The deck is flippable providing riders with a new tool for even cooler tricks. These push scooters have a KickStarter Campaign going on to help fund the new venture. Very cool and could be the next big thing in riding a push scooter.

Push scooters for adults come in many varieties but the point is is that they exist! Adults should embrace scooters as a legitimate way to commute. A way to embrace them is to purchase your friend a push scooter and show them how fun/beneficial they can be. So enough with the bland gifts this holiday, get your friends something they can actually use!

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