Razor A3 Kick Scooter vs. Razor A2 Kick Scooter

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The Razor A line



The Razor A2 and Razor A3 scooters are two of the most popular kick scooters out there, but even for savvy scooter consumers, it can be difficult to tell the difference between these two very similar products.  Both the Razor A2 and Razor A3 kick scooter are the updated versions of Razor’s original A model, the scooter that started the scooter craze back in 1999.  Over the years Razor has updated its classic A design with a number of additional features.  We’ve already reviewed the Razor A5 Lux, Razor’s top of the line scooter, but for those of you on budget, or just looking for a basic scooter, the A2 and A3 might be the scooter for you.




The Razor A2 Kick Scooter VS The Razor A3 Kick Scooter, How Can You Even Tell The Difference?








Both of these scooters add a springless front wheel shock system to the original A design, so you can expect a much smoother ride.  In addition, the A2 and the A3 have a wheelie bar behind the back break that makes it easier to wheelie.  While most pro scooter riders may not be excited about this feature, it’s a must have for kids and novices who want to be doing wheelies ASAP.


The main difference between the A2 and the A3 is that the A3 has a larger frame: 30” x 13” x 35.5”, compared to the A2’s 26.5” x 13” x 34” frame.  The A3 also has a larger deck and 125 mm wheels, up from the standard 98 mm.  All of the features make the A3 a little heavier, weighing in around 8 lbs., compared to the A2’s 6 lb. weight.




The Razor A2 kick scooter and the Razor A3 kick scooter are comparable in price.  Although exact price varies by retailer (and by color!) the A2 tends to cost around $40, while the A3 is only a few dollars more from most retailers.


The Razor A3 kick scooter and the Razor A2 kick scooter are very similar, but the overall larger size and heavier weight of the A3 make it ideal for bigger kids or adolescents.  The A3’s bigger wheels make it the choice for bumpy, uneven sidewalks and maybe even the occasional off road excursion.  The A2 on the other hand, combines the front shocks and wheelie bar with a lighter frame, making it a perfect first scooter for the youngest kids.

Keep in mind that with a suggested weight limit of only 143 lbs., both of these scooters are best left to the kids. If you’re looking for an adult kick scooter, forget the Razor A3 and the Razor A2 and check out Xootr or Kickped.


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