My Scooter Review

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My scooter has been my pride and joy for the past 5 years. I change a part every couple months or so. My scooter keeps must keep up with the times. Scooter parts are expensive compared to a skateboard so I do not change them on a monthly basis. I only really get stuff when they break.

Here is my scooter review



Right now I have Proto Retro Bars. They are very sturdy and are made in the USA so that’s a win win.





I have a Tilt Scs. Tilt is a very respectable company with a mission statement of For Riders by Riders. I love riding companies that actually ride scooters and know whats good and whats bad.







I also have a Tilt Legacy fork. This is, in my opinion, the best fork on the market. It is super strong and can withstand anything.






My wheels are Proto Grippers. Proto only makes wheels in 110m. These are the best wheels and have been around for a long time.






I have a Flavor Awakening deck v2. It is a very good deck for the price and grinds super nicely. My current set up satisfies me for now.


I always change scooter parts because companies are making better and better parts.

There is no comparison for my scooter now as the one 5 years ago. This is my scooter review. Everybody has different opinions so select a scooter that fits your riding needs.

My riding style is very similar to a skateboarders. I like to do grinds and get technical when riding. I also like to keep it simple. I love riding just boxes, rails, manual pads, and hips. I do not like quarter pipes or transition. They just aren’t fun for me. My friends all ride the same way I do. We typically ride skate parks to get warmed up for the day and then we go to the streets. This is when you ride your scooter at places that typically don’t allow it. It is just fun to experience the thrill of doing something you aren’t suppose to. You also have to be very cautious.

I was able to learn how to ride scooters with my neighbor. He had a scooter and I thought it was really cool that he could do some tricks in his driveway. As a childhood friend, I went over to his house one day and I fell in love with it. I didn’t realize other people I knew would be doing this. I have made life long friends just from riding a scooter with them every week or so. matt-mckeenI learned most of my tricks just by watching Youtube videos and trying to reenact them, something you should be very careful about doing. I loved and still do watch Matt McKeen‘s videos. He is the best scooter rider in my opinion. I have even met him and he is a super nice dude.

What about you? What attachments do you use on your own scooter? How do you like to ride? Share your scooter review.


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