Scooter Riding in the Winter

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Winter is here, at least on the East Coast, meaning less time outside and more time inside. What do you do for fun when all you want to do is kick scooter? The most obvious thing is to embrace the cold, harsh temperature and go to the skate park. Wearing layers is extremely important! However, sometimes it’s too cold and miserable to take your ordinary scooter outside. It leaves many people feeling….angry.



So what options are there when someone wants to go scooter riding in the winter?

Snow Scooters

snow-scooterYou can either make your own snow scooter or buy a snow scooter off the internet. One of the ways to make a snow scooter is to buy some carpet skates and mount them onto the fork and the rear axel of your kick scooter so the scooter can glide down the powder. The downside to this is your kick scooter may become rusted so it is highly recommended to use an old kick scooter.

snow-scooter-2The next best option is to purchase snow scooters. The company best known for building snow scooters is Railz. Railz snow scooters come in two sizes, a full and regular. The full snow scooter is more suitable for bigger kids while the regular is meant for younger kids. They even have snow skateboards if you’re in that kind of mood. Either way, it’s a great way to ride outside in a safer manner.

Razor Freestyle Scootering

Razor_Freestyle_Scooter_CoverartWhat happens if the cold winter weather prevents you from enjoying outside? Why not break out your old Play station 1 or Play station 2 and play Razor Freestyle Scootering? This game is super fun! It has a feel of a Tony Hawk Pro Skate game but instead of skateboarding it is freestyle scootering. The plot behind the game is a bunch of kids on Razor kick scooters get captured by a giant robot and they have to complete objectives, just like in Tony Hawk, in order to save their friends. Perfect way to spend a day trapped in your house.

Indoor Skate Parks

indoor-skate-parkThe last option you have is to of course go to indoor skate parks. The plus side of the indoor skate parks is they are completely protected from the elements. The downsides vary from not always allowing kick scooters into them for “insurance” issues and there is always a charge to get in. Plus indoor skate parks get very crowded during the cold months.

Winter tries to limit fun, especially fun with your kick scooter. Many people will give up and store their scooter away until spring arrives. I say that winter shouldn’t mean the end of kick scooters. Hopefully these options will inspire you to keep your kick scooter out no matter the season. Kick scooters are way too fun to keep stored away!

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