Journey to the Skatepark

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Alright, so you’re ready to take your kick scooter to skate parks! The question is… which skate park is best for me.  First, is determining what skill level you are at. If you are just starting out you probably don’t have very many tricks in your bag.  There is nothing wrong with starting out in your driveway. Many scooter riders and skaters have been doing this since they get their first scooter or skateboard.

Finding an Awesome Park

skatepark-bowl-bwOnce you feel you are ready to move out of riding your scooter flat, location is the next key to your journey. It is always important to find a skate park that is right by where you live. If there are no skate parks around you, the next step would be to make your own ramps or buy them. A launch ramp is usually the first obstacle to get. You can really increase your skill level on them.  There are usually three or four skate parks within a 20 mile radius if you are anywhere near a metropolitan area. This would be what most people refer to as your “local”. This term means it is close to you. You will usually ride your scooter there.

Kick Scooters Are Awesome for Vert and Street

You have decided on a skate park to go to on your kick scooter! Great, now determine what you want to ride your scooter on. There are a couple different kinds of skate parks in the world. First is your “typical” skate park. This will include grind boxes, manual pads, rails, pyramids, roll ins, quarter pipes, and mini ramps. The “typical” skate park is a building block kick-scooter-half-pipeto other skate parks. If you like riding only the grind boxes, rails, and manual pads, you might want to try to find a Street Plaza. These are obstacles that are usually found out in the real world . They often resemble “spots” around your local area.  They often have a couple of quarter pipes but nothing too much. These are usually not very big but very fun if you like getting technical with your tricks. Another type of skate park is a “vert” skate park. These skate parks will have mostly quarter pipes, mini ramps, and a half pipe. These are for people who like to feel like they are floating. The adrenaline junkies love these types of skate parks. Getting air is a big deal for riding a kick scooter. The “vert” skate parks will have the opposite of the street plazas. There will be one or two grinding obstacles but not much. There are also indoor skate parks. The indoor parks are usually a well rounded skate park. There is something for everybody. These often get very crowded during winter or when it is raining out.

Mix it Up!

Nevertheless, all of these parks are fun. Do not stick to only one.  Like many of your daily activities, mix it up. If you follow all of these guidelines you will have a fantastic time at a skatepark!

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