Skate Park Obstacles

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The skate park is a totally different world from the one which you are normally living in. You will hear curse words, trick names, and weird phrases. It is a place where one can forget about all of their issues and just focus on landing new tricks. First it’s important to know exactly what you’re riding your kick scooter on.

Let’s talk the basic stuff.

skatepark-quarterpipeA quarter pipe – exactly what the name describes as. It is 1/4 of a full pipe. The top of the quarter pipe will have coping. Coping is usually metal but can also be concrete. The coping is for grinding or stalling. It makes it much easier to grind on when there is metal concrete.



skatepark-HalfpipeHalf pipes - Again, the name says it all: half of a pipe. These can be one of two sizes. There is a big half pipe, which is usually about 10 feet or higher from the bottom of the transition to the coping. These are not seen too often but they are usually for more advanced riders. The second, most common, is called a mini ramp. These are usually between 3 feet to about 7 feet. These are fun to learn transition type tricks.

skatepark-fullpipeFull pipes – These are rarely seen in most skate parks.





Other kinds of skate park obstacles are grinding obstacles and manual pads.

skatepark-hubbaGrinding obstacles – usually boxes, ledges, or rails. These are exactly as they sound. They are boxes with metal coping or waxed concrete to help you slide. It is essential that these slide in order to do the grinding. The boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and heights. A ledge going down a set of stairs or down any surface is called a hubba or a down ledge. The hubba is the most common term used to describe the grind box sloping down. Rails are coping with no top to them. It is just a piece of coping sitting in the ground. There are usually flat rails ,which as the name indicates, are on a flat surface. Down rails are like flat rails except they go down instead of no slope. These are a little more difficult to do but very manageable.

skatepark-manualpadManual pads – boxes without coping. Here you will balance on one wheel or do tricks off of the pad.





There are some oddities that are found at some skate parks but not all.

skatepark-stairsStairs –  used to do tricks either down or up depending on your skill level.




skatepark-hipsHips – two ramps that are connected at an adjacent angle so you can do tricks over a gap and into another ramp.






Pyramids -  two ramps or quarters that are set apart so you can go over from one to the other while doing a trick over the gap.  A quarter pipe to a regular ramp is called a fun box.



This is a lot to take in for going to the skate park just to have fun. It is really a simple process that just takes time to get to know. You will know every thing there is to know at the skate park. If you are unsure, just listen to what other people are pointing at and calling it.

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