Skatepark Near Me: Lititz Skatepark Review

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Skateparks are like people. No two are the same and yet there are similarities.

Lititz Skatepark Review

The skatepark near me in Lititz is primarily made up of SkateWave products. They are good if treated well. I personally prefer a concrete park. The skatepark near me has mostly grind boxes of all kinds. They all have wax grind ledges as well as manual pads. These are one of my favorite things to ride but they are very easy to hurt yourself on because of the wax. They are in acceptable condition for how long they have been outside. There are also normal ledges made of a very heavy plastic with metal coping. These are my absolute favorite things in the entire park because they are very durable and the possibilities are endless. They are starting to fall apart due to people riding them improperly.



There are two flat rails in the park. One is a round rail, which is very nice, and the other is square. The square one isn’t taken care of and just doesn’t slide no matter how much wax is on it. The main part of the skatepark is a pyramid with a 4 stair. This is in awful condition. It feels like it is going to fall apart at any moment. The young riders just stomp on it all day trying tricks they will never land. On one side of the pyramid is a roll in ramp, and its condition is okay. It is covered in graffiti, and the police are not happy about it.



The final side of the pyramid has a quarter pipe. It is the worst quarter pipe I have ever ridden. Going to other skateparks near me and comparing their quarter pipe just makes it sadder. It is in terrible condition. It’s rusted, dented, and the bottom transition is off of it. The only reason it is still held together is because of duct tape. I refuse to ride it because I value my life. There is also a hip that is covered in dust so it’s hard to not slip out and hurt yourself. Off to the left of the main part is a manual pad with a square rail on top of it. It is barely used so the rail is also rusty.



Along the sides of the manual pad are more ledges. These are very fun to just mess around on. There is also a fun picnic table grind on top of if you can make the jump up from the ground. There are also a bunch of kicker ramps that are scattered around the park.Everything is movable for the most part so if you want to set up something it is pretty easy to do with one or two people.

I love the skatepark near me because it is where I grew up as a rider and met all of my friends. There is an emotional attachment to this place, even though it is falling apart. It’s sad to see a park that brought me so much joy growing up slowly deteriorating.

I would rate it a 4/10 based on conditions on ramps.

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