Taking a Kick Scooter vs. Walking

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In the eyes of owners of adult kick scooters, the benefits of taking your scooter for a ride to a destination you might otherwise walk to are clear. For people who already own kick scooters, this is why they love them. However, many people considering purchasing an adult kick scooter do not fully comprehend why pushing yourself along is so preferable to walking. Even with top brands like Xootr or Kickped, people are still hesitant about choosing a kick scooter over walking. This article serves to highlight some of the reasons why taking your scooter is so much more enjoyable and efficient than walking.

Kick Scooter vs. Walking?

The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason why scooter riders prefer their wheeled rides over pounding the pavement with their feet is the speed factor. Ultimately, taking your scooter is simply much faster than walking. Why take a 10 minute walk to the grocery store when, using a kick scooter, the same trip can be done in 3 minutes? More importantly, in situations where you are running late, when there might not be enough time to remove a bike from your garage or basement, the scooter is an easily accessible way to shorten travel time.

Kick Scooters are fun!


Aside from the benefits of reduced travel time, it is also substantially more fun to take the scooter. Yes, everyone enjoys a leisurely stroll on a nice day. The smell of fresh air and the interesting sights and sounds have a certain universal appeal that cannot be denied. And yet, an adult kick scooter offers all of these benefits and more. The sensation of rolling over the pavement with the wind in your hair is something walking cannot provide. The thrill of loosening the breaks on a steady decline is a benefit only wheeled transport can offer. Not to mention, using an adult kick scooter avoids many of the less desirable elements of walking: sore feet, tired legs, etc.

Kick Scooters are less work!

Finally, yet perhaps most importantly, scooters present a less physically demanding option. As opposed to putting one foot after another, over and over again, an adult kick scooter requires but a few pushes on smooth pavement before coasting at a comfortable speed – no additional effort required. Carrying a backpack? No problem, as the burden seemingly disappears aboard an adult kick scooter. Feet sore from standing at work all day? Don’t continue to suffer, get where you’re going more quickly and comfortably than ever before.


Some people love to walk, and good for them, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, pleasant saunters are few and far between. More often than not, it’s swelteringly hot, a tad too chilly, time is of the essence or any number of the factors that might make walking conditions less than ideal. The adult kick scooter is the ultimate upgrade in short distance transport. Once experienced first-hand, walking begins to seem slow and laborious. So go ahead, add an adult kick scooter to your fleet of vehicles and experience the difference yourself.

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