Taking your folding travel scooter on a trip

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Kick scootering is often very fun. Sometimes a kick scooter rider feels the need to try something new. In order to do this, the rider will have to us their folding travel scooter to find new streets or even new skate parks. I know from experience that riding the same skate park over and over again can become quite boring and uneventful. Often times a town or county will have different skate parks within driving distance which provides some variety in the kick scooter lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some tips for when using your folding travel scooter.

Folding travel scooter tips


Kick Scooter Tools

The first tip for traveling on any type of transportation with a kick scooter is the tools to bring. You never know when something will fall apart or break, because kick scooters are not indestructible. Bring a couple sets of 5 mm allen keys. These are the most standard wrench on any folding travel scooter as it fits in almost all of the bolts on the kick scooter. Bring other allen keys such as a 4mm and a 6mm because some scooter parts have these key heads instead of the 5mm.


Kick Scooter Bolts

The next thing to bring with your folding travel scooter would be extra bolts and hardware. A kick scooter bolt can break at any time and it is always nice to have one with you. The next extra part to bring would be wheels and bearings. I have broke many scooter wheels at the skate park and had to call it a day because of not having any extra wheels. If you bring an extra, you can slap on the extra wheel and continue with the session. Do not carry around extra grip-tape or decks as they can become quite an issue to carry everywhere with you.



Public Transportation

The next travel tip is riding a bus or train with your kick scooter. Buses and trains are nice to have when you do not feel like dealing with the traffic of city. When traveling on the train or bus make sure to put your scooter out of the way of other passengers, obviously. Another thing to do when riding on any public transportation is to either fold your kick scooter up or take off the handlebars to fit underneath the seat of where you are sitting.


 Airplane Travel

The only type of main transportation left is traveling with a kick scooter is the airplane. This is the most stressful situation for a couple of reasons. It all depends on which airline you take to your destination. I have been able to put my scooter on the over sized load when you first check in at the airport and was fine. Another trick is to see if you could put some of your scooter or all of it in a suitcase. The last option for airport transportation is to take the scooter with you on the plane just as it is. Some airlines consider it to be a stroller and put it in the front. Others won’t let you do this.



Every type of transportation has it advantages and disadvantages when traveling. Make sure you mind your folding travel scooter and not bother anybody else. Lots of brands have great folding travel scooters, like Xootr, Kickped, Razor, and more. Pick your favorite! Follow these tips and take your kick scooter anywhere!

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