The Practicality of a Folding Kick Scooter

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Kick scooters are an upgrade to any commute for a number of reasons. Their speed and maneuverability immediately come to mind as advantageous qualities, yet arguably their biggest advantage offered is their portability. Unlike the vast majority of bicycles, folding kick scooters offer a convenience factor that proves very useful in daily use. The ways that the fold and go scooter can improve your transportation are numerous. And with so many brands that carry folding kick scooters, like Xootr, Kickped, Microboard and more, there are plenty to choose from!

The Xootr Mg features 180mm wheels and a 250lb weight limit.

Public transportation

Fold up scooters can be brought easily onto public transportation. If your commute is divided between street travel and public transit, then the folding kick scooter is for you. Everyone who has ever tried to bring a bicycle on a city bus knows the pain of having to ask people to clear a space for you and your bike. The annoyance of maneuvering the bulky bike through a crowded subway station is enough to make anyone just give up and walk. A folding kick scooter, such as the Razor a2 Folding Scooter or the Razor jr. Folding Scooter, eliminates this problem. Simply folding the scooter and carrying it is a breeze compared with negotiating a crowd moving on or off public transportation.

Stowed easily

Once you arrive at work, your folding kick scooter can be stowed easily under your desk, saving you the hassle of dealing with parking and locking your bicycle. A recent study found that about fifty percent of commuters who use their bicycles daily have their bike stolen at some point. With a folding kick scooter, you can still take an alternative mode of transportation to work, without risking having your expensive bike stolen. Simply collapse your folding kick scooter upon arrival, bring it into the office with you, and enjoy your day with the piece of mind that your ride home is not in jeopardy.

Garage Space

The benefits of folding scooters extend to your home as well. Unlike bicycles, folding scooters do not take up significant space in your garage, mud room or hall ways. When collapsed, a folding kick scooter can be stored in a closet, under a bed or anywhere else that it would be out of the way. This also makes it easier to grab on your way out of the door, eliminating the need to go digging through the garage if you don’t want to walk to work.


Ultimately, the ability of a kick scooter to fold and be stored easily is a fundamental element of its usefulness. A folding kick scooter presents the ultimate convenience, as it improves transportation in an ultra practical way.


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