Why Kick Scooters have a Bad Reputation at Skateparks

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Every time you roll into a skate park while on a kick scooter you can feel the sense of hatred towards you. This is because skate boarders and bikers have a special feeling of hate towards the kick scooter rider. If you go on Youtube, you can find a huge amount of videos where a skate boarder gets angry at a kick scooter rider.

What’s the real issue?


Most of this hate is rooted down to one thing, little kids.

Most little kids who go to any skate park will be on a kick scooter as it is the most accessible to get and not as hard to ride as a skate board. The little kids do not understand how the skate park really works. They do not get that other people are there to learn new tricks and have a certain route they want to go. The kids will just go wherever they want to go and get in the way of other people’s riding. This is where the misconception of riding a scooter comes into place. Any little kid can do that whether the kid is on roller blades or a bike. They will still get in the people’s way.

The other reason people hate the kick scooter riders at the skate park are all the 12 year olds who seem to travel in packs.

mini-kick-pic-with-kidsThey are a little bit more experienced but they will crowd around some of the obstacles which are then like a road block. The 12 year olds are also notorious for trying tailwhips over thing and not landing them. There are also tons of Youtube videos with this in them and people getting angry at them once again.

So how do you overcome all of this prejudice?

It is really a simple process to do. One is to make sure nobody else around you is going. The most important aspect to earning your place at the skate park is to earn the respect of the other people in the skate park. You can do this by talking them and let them know you are an actual person and not just a kick scooter rider. Show the other people in the skate park that you have been working on tricks for a while and can land them easily. Try to impress them a little to make them understand you are there for the same reason they are. The skate park can be the funnest place on the Earth but it can also be terrible if you do not follow these simple guidelines.

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