The Definitive Xootr Kick Scooter Review

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So many kick scooters, so little time. It’s been a lot of fun reviewing all these different kick scooters and trying to find the one that fits me right. It seems like only yesterday I decided to put forth some actual effort in finding a cheaper and more practical way to commute around my city. Reviewing these kick scooters have given me some valuable insight in a practice I love: riding kick scooters. After reviewing the last adult kick scooter on my list, I have finally come to a decision. But first, here is my Xootr kick scooter review.

General Overview 


In 1999,  Karl Ulrich, Nathan Ulrich, and Tom Miner (along with partners Lunar Design and Cheskin Research, and several other investors) founded Nova Cruz Products. Nova Cruz designed, manufactured and sold the Xootr kick scooter. In 2003, the owners and financiers of Nova Cruz sold the business. Karl, Nathan, and Tom were able to buy the original kick-scooter business from the company’s investors and organized it as Xootr LLC. The new company has grown profitably ever since its formation. Originally the scooter was designed for college students, but has seen success in all age groups as well as celebrities.

The Look


The Xootr kick scooter I reviewed was silver with a black deck. It looks like an adult scooter, seemingly larger and thicker than some of the previous reviews. It looks polished, well finished, and sturdy. This scooter looks like it can take some turbulence and keep on rolling, which is a good thing. Overall from a distance the scooter looks like a fine piece of transportation.

The Wheels


The wheels are made by molding polyurethane onto aluminum centers. According to their website, these are custom made and not found on other scooters. Polyurethane is not my favorite material when it comes to wheels. When I reviewed the A5 Lux Razor Scooter, one of my biggest critiques was the cheap feeling of the polyurethane wheels. The Xootr kick scooter is a huge improvement because it takes the smoothness of the polyurethane and reinforces it with the aluminum center giving the wheels a stronger and more durable finish. There is a step break on the back wheel, adding extra stopping power. These wheels also offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle. They really do deliver a very smooth ride.

The Handlebars 

DSCF3534 DSCF3533

The handle bars are pretty standard. Black foam grips with a plastic cap. The stand can be raised and lowered depending on height. The one thing that isn’t standard is the front wheel break release that is attached to the right handlebar. This is a really cool add on that not many kick scooters get. Since the wheels have a low rolling resistance, its comforting to have an extra break to slow down the Xootr kick scooter.

The Deck


Hallelujah! Finally a deck for an adult with normal sized feet! The deck is large and spacious, and I can actually put both feet on it while riding. The deck seems very supportive and strong. This is not a scooter to do tricks. It is definitely heavier than your ordinary Razor scooter. That’s okay, because I’m not looking to do tricks.  I’m looking for a durable scooter that feels like it can support me on any kind of terrain.


DSCF3536 DSCF3539

The Xootr kick scooter folds down onto the back wheel. You can achieve this by lowering the handlebars and stand, then pulling out a pin at the bottom where the deck connects to the front wheel. Once folded, you can put the pin back into the bottom to lock the now folded kick scooter. The whole process for me took under a minute. It’s different, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. The Xootr kick scooter is definitely heavier than some of the other scooters I have reviewed, which is the only downside for portability.

Fit and Finish

DSCF3530 DSCF3537DSCF3538

After really looking at the Xootr kick scooter, I was impressed. There is only one welding mark, and only one sticker on the stand. I like that the scooter isn’t really flashy, instead forfeiting the flash for a generally well made kick scooter. It looks like someone put real thought into how it was structured. They say they developed the Xootr kick scooter with adults in mind, and I believe them.

The Ride

DSCF3540 DSCF3542

The ride was extremely smooth. I took the Xootr kick scooter out on a few sidewalks with cracks, rocks, and gravel. The scooter rode right over them and kept on going. That low rolling resistance is no joke! I felt like I could ride the scooter forever without much effort. I’m lazy so I like that. Turns were okay, albeit a little slick. Using the front wheel break helps a lot with this. I’m not used to a front break so I forgot to use it often. Practice makes perfect.

Value and Conclusion

Xootr kick scooter prices range from $219 to $309. The Xootr has different deck options available, depending on the preference of the rider. It is definitely a bigger purchase, but you get what you pay for. The Xootr kick scooter is extremely well made and very durable. This is a kick scooter you buy knowing you will not need to visit a tune up shop for many years.

I have tallied the votes, and have made a decision. This decision was not and easy one. Every scooter I have reviewed has its positives and negatives. Some I’ve obviously liked more than others, but as “Highlander” once put it, “There can only be one.” With that in my mind, I have decided that I will be purchasing a Xootr kick scooter. The pros just seem to outweigh the cons in every way. I need a kick scooter I can depend on, one that can endure harsh terrain, constant transportation, and me dropping it abruptly. Xootr just makes sense. I’m excited to purchase my Xootr scooter and take on the city in a new way. Wish me luck!


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